garden, April 18

Well… damn. This is what I woke up to this morning:

snowA blanket of snow coating everything. I’m not terribly hopeful that many of my seedlings survived this sudden cold snap. I didn’t have time to get row covers, and so in a pinch, I threw a sheet on top of them the other night. When the sheet didn’t give them as much protection as I was hoping for, I added a thick layer of straw over the bed and hoped for the best. But I’m not sure even that will be enough to protect against this kind of wet chill. And it’s not looking promising for the next few days… we’ll be hovering around the mid-50s to lower 60s.

garlic in snow 2It’s hard not to feel discouraged when this happens, but I remind myself that this happens every year: a few good weeks of warmth, and the inevitable cold. There’s a reason our last frost date isn’t until May. So for now, I’m going to curl up with a book, wait for the snow melt, and then evaluate where things are at. And maybe rewatch the episode of House Hunters International that showcased some properties with drool-worthy greenhouses.


5 thoughts on “garden, April 18

    • Yeah… the thing is, this happens every year. I looked back over my posts from last spring, and it snowed last year on April 30th. We just get lulled into a false sense of security when it starts warming up. I kind of do wish that I lived somewhere that a) had a longer growing season, and b) water wasn’t such a concern. But you know me. No way I’m moving anywhere that has even a minor threat of big tornadoes. 😉

      • Ha…weeeeell, you could move to Georgia. Then I’d have you and peaches to go to that gorgeous state for. I think they’re usually fairly free of natural disasters. 😛

    • Also, the seedling update: I lost quite a few, but at least some are hanging on. I’m down to 2 spinach from 9 (I have a terrible time growing spinach, and I’m not quite sure why), and my chard appears to be mostly gone… and something appears to be eating the tops of a lot of things. I think I might need to try starting some stuff indoors, because having seedlings come up only to die drives me to madness.

      • That’s heartbreaking. I love me some spinach, so yes…tragedy. It really might be beneficial to try indoor growing. Maybe just try a couple things and see how it goes.

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